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5 Reasons Why Wisdom Teeth Need To Be Extracted

Wisdom teeth, the third molars at the back of your mouth, can often wreak havoc on your dental health. As these late-blooming teeth emerge, they bring a host of potential problems. From excruciating pain and damage to nearby teeth to the risks of gum disease, there are multiple compelling reasons why wisdom teeth often require extraction.

If you’re in need of wisdom teeth removal, seeking out the best dentist in Plano can ensure you receive top-notch care and achieve the best results for your dental health. There are some key factors that make removing wisdom teeth crucial to maintaining a healthy smile.

5 Reasons Why Wisdom Teeth Need To Be Extracted

Why Wisdom Teeth Should Be Extracted

Here are five reasons why wisdom teeth extraction becomes necessary to avoid further dental problems –

  • Pain

Wisdom teeth can often cause pain and discomfort when they try to erupt. This pain can vary from mild to severe and may be intermittent or persistent. The pain associated with wisdom teeth can result from the pressure they exert on surrounding tissues, inflammation, or infection. 

If the wisdom tooth is impacted or growing misaligned, it can lead to jaw pain, headaches, earaches, and soreness in the mouth. Extracting the wisdom teeth can alleviate the pain and relieve these symptoms.

  • Damage to Nearby Teeth

Wisdom teeth that are impacted or growing in a misaligned manner can pose a risk of damaging adjacent teeth. As they push against neighboring teeth, they can cause crowding, shifting, or even damage the adjacent teeth’ roots. This can lead to bite problems, misalignment, and the need for orthodontic treatment. The potential for damage to nearby teeth can be mitigated by extracting the problematic wisdom teeth.

  • Gum Disease

Wisdom teeth that partially erupts or remain trapped within the jawbone can create pockets of space where bacteria and food particles can accumulate. These areas can be challenging to clean effectively, leading to an increased risk of gum disease. Removing the wisdom teeth can help prevent gum disease by eliminating the areas where bacteria can thrive and reducing the risk of infection and inflammation.

  • Infection and Decay

Wisdom teeth are located at the back of the mouth, making them challenging to clean properly. Due to their position, these teeth are more susceptible to bacterial accumulation, leading to gum infections (periodontal disease) and tooth decay. Infections around the wisdom teeth can cause swelling and discomfort. 

If left untreated, these infections can spread to neighboring teeth and even affect oral health.

  • Cysts and Tumors

Sometimes, a wisdom tooth may develop cysts or tumors. A cyst is a fluid-filled sac that forms around the impacted tooth, while a tumor is an abnormal growth of cells. Both cysts and tumors can cause significant damage to the jawbone, adjacent teeth, and nerves. Moreover, they may lead to severe pain, swelling, and infection. Extraction of the affected wisdom tooth and removing any associated cysts or tumors is necessary to prevent further complications.

Though wisdom tooth extraction pain may not be significant, the decision to extract it is made on a case-by-case basis, and a dental professional will evaluate various factors before recommending extraction.

Restore Your Oral Health with Seamless Wisdom Tooth Extraction-

If a wisdom tooth is causing havoc in your mouth, it’s time to trust the expert dentists for wisdom teeth removal at Pinnacle Dental for the treatment.

Our skilled dentist will thoroughly evaluate your situation and create a personalized treatment plan to alleviate pain and restore oral health. Contact us now to make an appointment and have a smooth and successful wisdom tooth extraction experience.

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