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What Are The Different Types Of Dental Bridges Available?

Bridges are mainly prosthetic options that are used by the dentists at Pinnacle Dental to replace the missing teeth and also to fill a gap. Dental bridges Frisco are mainly the options that are connected to the natural teeth of both the sides so that the gap in between occurred due to missing teeth can be covered up.


When you visit the clinic to get the dental bridges Frisco done, you can come across a number of benefits.

  • It helps in filling up the gap due to missing teeth,
  • It helps in maintaining the facial appearance,
  • It helps in improving the bad bite that you had due to missing teeth.


When the benefits of the bridges are known, there are some more things to know about the bridges. There are four different types of dental bridges.

Traditional Bridges:  These are the most common bridges option that you have. This is possible when you have natural teeth in the two sides of the missing ones. Here, more than one pontics or fake teeth can be used to cover the gap.

Cantilever Bridges: These are almost same as the traditional bridges, with just one major difference. Unlike the traditional bridges, cantilever bridges can be implanted even if you have teeth on one side of the missing tooth or the gap.

Maryland Bridges: These are known to be more conservative in nature in comparison to the traditional ones. These are implanted with the help of metal in place of the crowns. Also, these are implanted with the help of the teeth adjacent to the missing teeth.

Implant-Supported Bridges: This is one of the safest options to replace your missing teeth. This can be done for more than one missing tooth and also these are not supported by crowns but through dental implants.

The experts at Pinnacle Dental diagnose your problem and then suggest you the right method dental bridges that are required for you.

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