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Comfort Dental Braces And Retainers

Well, gone are those days when Dental braces and retainers were considered a risky affair. Today, we have access to advanced dental care technology that has enabled us to get them with ease.

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Let us dive into more details about braces and retainers.

Whom should you see when you have an issue with teeth alignment?

We usually think of visiting a dentist when it comes to any problem related to our mouths, such as gum, teeth, and oral health. But the lesser-known fact is, Orthodontics mainly deals with bite correction such as misaligned teeth or jaw issues, occlusion, bite correction, etc.

So, now you know that an Orthodontist will address your bite correction issues. Bite correction or crooked teeth treatment is specially done with the help of teeth braces or Retainers. An orthodontist will seek information about your oral health and will pass you through various health check-ups. He will suggest a treatment which is best suitable for you.

The treatment ultimately depends upon the situation of the patient. Some are prescribed to use comfort dental braces and for some retainers solve the problem, whereas a very less number of patients have to undergo surgery for the alignment of teeth.

There are various types of braces available in the market today, but the Orthodontist will suggest the best suitable braces to address individual issues, whereas retainers are used to correct minor misalignment of teeth. Retainers are mostly used after the braces are taken off to maintain the new shape of the teeth. But in case of small teeth issues, all you need is a custom-made retainer.

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Types of Braces available today

With new treatment coming our way, there is much variety in braces that are made available to the patients. If your misalignment of teeth requires the treatment of braces, then your dentist will suggest the equipment that applies to you. With a variety of braces available today, the orthodontist understands the effective use of each equipment. Let us learn about a wide range of braces and how do they work.


Traditional Braces

These are the regular braces that we know for years. The arch-shaped wire braces are attached to each tooth with the help of special cement. These braces are made of superior quality stainless steel and are connected with a thin arched wire, which puts pressure on the teeth to get back to its original position. This slow process helps to braces with teeth alignment. While you visit a dentist, he changes the elastic, which helps in contacting the braces with time, but with new-age traditional braces, there is no requirement of changing elastic.




Damon Braces

Braces have gathered popularity over time, as it is self-aligning. It does not require elastic adjustment to keep the braces in place. On the contrary, it uses a sliding mechanism that keeps the braces in place and is also less painful when compared to the traditional form of braces. While using Damon braces, the patient needs to pay fewer visits to the orthodontist, which is rewarding in terms of time and money-saving.


Ceramic Braces

Braces are similar to that of traditional braces with some modernization. In this case, the brackets attaching each tooth are made up of clear ceramic, which makes it less visible. It is one of the favorite choices for adults as these braces are less noticeable than that of traditional stainless-steel braces. However, intensive care of the teeth during the treatment is required to safeguard teeth from discoloration.





The trendiest braces today are Invisalign. These are clear invisible braces that are made of plastic. They are mostly in demand as it goes unnoticeable while it does its work of aligning your teeth. Apart from the looks, these braces are better because it is easy to use. It can be removed during eating or during occasions where you don’t want to put your braces on. Cleaning is also easy as these can be removed and put in smoothly.

The custom made Invisalign comes in sets, which you can change in weeks, and with each new set, your teeth get a better hold. At times Invisalign is used as braces before and after treatment of misalignment of teeth. It helps the teeth to retain its structure and gives it less space to move further till the time it settles ultimately.

There must be many questions daunting your mind regarding braces. Here are some FAQ that will provide quick answers to all your queries.

1. How to understand do I need a brace or not?

If you are suffering from bite misalignment or crooked teeth, visit an Orthodontist. He may suggest you use a particular type of braces or just a retainer depending upon the criticality of the issue.

2. How long will I have to wear braces?

Time to get your teeth aligned completely depends on the individual. When you put on braces, it works slowly to shift the position of your teeth and finally attain the perfect spot. However, the process may take from one year to three years. After the treatment is over, the patients use retainers for another year to keep the teeth in good shape. Adult braces before and after appearance can be judged just after a year of the treatment.

3. Will there be visible results after opening the braces?

Your Orthodontist takes off your braces; he will conduct another set of X-Ray which will clearly show the difference between the braces before and after gap between your teeth. However, you will also feel the difference in yourself.

4. Will the treatment be painful?

The braces are attached tightly to the teeth, which helps them shift position; it may be discomforting during the initial stages. With every visit to the dentist, it may be slightly discomforting as he will change the elastic, which will give a tighter feeling.

Choosing right destination for all Family Dental and Braces plays a crucial role. So make sure you consult right orthodontist.

5. Is there any particular age for brace treatment?

Are applicable for adults as well as children. It is used for the correction of bite as well as for better physical appearance. However, there is a slight difference in the procedure of treatment when it comes to child orthodontics.

6. How often should I visit an Orthodontist?

It depends on the types of braces you are using. Most commonly, you have to visit once a week or month to get a thorough check-up of your braces and teeth. Only a properly fitted brace will give you the desired result in less time.

How should to take care of your braces and teeth during treatment?

Gone are those days when braces were considered awkward and uncomfortable to use. Due to the technological advancement in dentistry, excellent quality braces are available today. Using braces is no harm, but yes, you should get them the way they should be.

Wearing braces for a long time can cause teeth discoloration and can affect overall oral health. Here are a few tips for keeping your teeth clean while you undergo brace treatment.

Brushing teeth properly- It is crucial to use soft bristle toothbrushes along with fluoride toothpaste. Place the brush on each bracket on a 45-degree angle to brush it gently. Repeat the method in both the jaws in a circular motion. This will help to clear the maximum deposit underneath the braces and keep your teeth healthy and clean.

Flossing- Get used to a regular flossing routine with the help of flossing threads or interdental brushes. This will help to keep the area between the teeth clean and hygienic.

Use of mouth wash- Regularly use mouthwash to finish your dental care routine to keep your teeth away from staining or from developing a cavity.

Use mouth guard during sports activity- It is especially for those who play sports. Use of mouth grads will prevent you from serious injuring if you get hit on your mouth during any activity. This will safeguard you from getting cut on your lips or cheeks and will also protect your braces from harm.

Choosing the right expert for braces before and after overbite or underbite plays a crucial role.

Select Dental Insurance That Covers Braces

When it comes to braces, it is crucial to know about dental insurance coverage for children as well as adults. The insurance program differs for adults and children. Hence, you should always verify if your insurance covers only adults or both. But if you take dental treatment for solely cosmetic reasons, most of the insurance providers will not cover these kinds of dental insurance.

So, be very careful while choosing Dental Insurance for Braces.

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