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Advanced Wisdom Teeth Extraction in Plano by dental experts

Every individual needs wisdom teeth extraction at one or the other point of their lives as there is not enough space for the wisdom teeth in the mouth. Their growth impacts the overall health of individuals. 

It results in discomfort and pushes the other teeth forward. Moreover, it creates a space between the teeth which increases the risk of decay and infection. Hence, consulting a professional for Plano Wisdom Teeth Extraction becomes mandatory for teeth removal.

What is the Wisdom Teeth Procedure like?

It is important to learn about the procedure before getting started with your treatment. Here is the detailed overview of the entire procedure – 

Teeth Extraction

  • Consultation and treatment planning

The procedure starts with consultation and customizing the treatment according to the comfort and condition of the patient. It is comparatively easy to remove the wisdom teeth with a straight growth. In this case you can simply visit the dental expert and get your wisdom tooth pulled out using professional dental equipment. 

No additional treatment is required in this case if the neighboring tooth isn’t impacted (it is treated through oral surgery where the gum tissue is cut open to access the wisdom tooth).

  • Numbing the area

When everything is finalized the professional starts by numbing the affected area by giving anesthesia. Some dental experts also offer nitrous oxide to put their patient to sleep during the procedure.After numbing the affected area the dentist creates a flap in the gum tissue to view the wisdom tooth. If it is covered by bone or muscle that’ll be needed to cut away to provide easy access to the tooth. 

  • Wisdom teeth extraction

Next, the dentist lifts the tooth out of the socket. If it doesn’t budge then the tooth will need to be broken into multiple pieces before extracting individually.

  • Cleaning the area and gauze application 

Once the extraction procedure is completed the area is cleaned by the dentist using professional tools and the gum tissue is sutured back to its place. Finally, the dentist places the gauze on the affected area to stop bleeding so that it can eventually heal.

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Now that you know everything about wisdom teeth removal you can fearlessly go through the procedure. All you need is an experienced Dentist in Plano who can handle your requirements efficiently. 

We focus on offering best in the class treatment to our clients and help them in every step of the procedure. Contact us for professional wisdom tooth extraction.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. When can I brush my teeth after wisdom tooth extraction?

You should start brushing your teeth the next day of the treatment. However, you should be careful while brushing your teeth. Brush gently at the extraction site.

Q. What to eat after wisdom teeth extraction?

For the first 2 days after extraction take liquid or soft foods such as ice cream, apple sauce, and yogurt. Ensure intake of cold foods as they’ll help you with discomfort. Once you start feeling better incorporate solid foods in your diet such as oatmeal, eggs, or toast. Don’t consume too hard foods at least for a week.

Q. Will my teeth shift after wisdom tooth extraction?

No, wisdom tooth extraction doesn’t result in teeth misalignment. However, after extraction some space is created at the area of extraction which may give the feeling of teeth shifting.

Q. How long does wisdom teeth extraction take?

The extraction process takes around an hour. However, the time period depends on the complexity of the case.

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