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Get Your Missing Teeth Replaced With Frisco Dental Implants

When your teeth fall off, visiting a high profile Frisco dental implant center can be the best option to replace your missing teeth. If you are looking for best in class treatment then make sure to connect with the experts of Pinnacle Dental. 

With the right expert by your side you are sure to have top-notch treatment. Plus, you’ll get the best dental implants solutions.

Why Sign Up for Dental Implants in Frisco for Missing Teeth?

Dental implants are a comparatively more versatile replacement option for both single and multiple missing teeth. It is also an ideal option for replacing the entire set of teeth. The professionals offering treatment for dental implants in Frisco, TX ensure top-notch, customized treatment for their patients. This dental treatment facilitates the individuals with the following benefits –

  • Improved appearance of smile

If your front teeth have gone missing, dental implants are the best way to make you feel comfortable and smile with confidence. Missing teeth can degrade the shape of your jaw bone and result in damage to the facial structure. Dental Implants treatment is designed to enhance the overall appearance of an individual’s smile.

  • Enhances health of the natural teeth

Dental implants fill the gap which is created due to missing teeth. The treatment improves and strengthens the teeth’s structure as it replaces the damaged tooth. Hence, the neighboring teeth are also protected from damage.

  • Improved lifestyle with dental implants

Apart from improving your facial structure and keeping your natural teeth healthy, dental implants also aid in enhancing your lifestyle in a number of other ways. The Dental Care offers the following advantages –

  • Improves the individual’s bite
  • No hassle of dealing with dentures and its adhesives
  • Staying away from painful options of clasps in case of partial dentures
  • Permanent cure for missing tooth.

Dental Implants Frisco TX

With all these benefits, dental implants have proved to be one of the best solutions for dental health. The best dentist in Frisco truly cares for their patients. They are focused on providing excellent services while accommodating the needs of the clients.

How do dental implants work?

Dental implant is a surgical dental procedure designed for replacing tooth roots with screw-like metal posts. It replaces missing or damaged teeth with artificial teeth which function and look like natural teeth. 

During surgery the professional cuts open the patient’s gum, drills hole into the exposed bone, and places the metal post for dental implant. The post serves as the tooth root and the implant is placed into the bone. Once the jawbone unites with the implant’s surface another surgery is done to place the artificial tooth.

Book Your Consultation For The Dental Implants Center Today

Are you ready to transform your smile? Book your appointment for dental implants in Frisco with Pinnacle Dental today. We offer high-class dental care, And our implants also look, function, and feel like natural teeth. Our treatment allows individuals to enjoy their favorite foods, smile, and talk confidently again.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Are dental implants safe?

Yes, dental implants are safe. They significantly enhance the oral health and the quality of life of a person. The professional customizes the treatment according to the preference and needs of their patients. However, if any complications occur after dental implant placement it is advised to consult your dentist at the earliest.

Q. What can I not do after dental implants?

You should avoid having hot/warm food or drinks, eating anything until the local anesthetic warms off, drenching the affected area with any liquid. Also, you cannot eat anything crunchy or sticky, do strenuous exercise in the initial 58 hours, smoke and drink alcohol.

Q. How many days rest needs after dental implant?

After Dental Implants Surgery three to four days of rest is enough for a normal healthy person. Initially there will be some swelling and tenderness which will go away in a few days. Generally, dentists advise scheduling the dental implant surgery for the middle of the week to give you the weekend to heal and one or two days off from work.

Q. What can I eat 3 days after dental implant?

You can eat oatmeal, soft fruits like bananas, berries, peaches, as they are delicious as well as nutritious. Also, you can have dairy products, mashed potatoes, egg, soups, and broth.



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