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Why No Dairy After Tooth Extraction?

Dentists often say to avoid dairy products after tooth extraction because they can delay recovery. The primary reason is that dairy foods have properties that obstruct the healing process and increase the risk of infection and other complications. 

When remnants of dairy products get trapped in wounded areas, bacteria buildup can occur, causing infection and delayed healing after wisdom tooth extraction.

Besides, creamy and fatty dairy products need chewing, which can increase the risk of blood clot dislodging. It can make the extraction site vulnerable to complications like dry sockets and severe pain. 
 avoid dairy after tooth extraction

Why Should I Avoid Dairy After Tooth Extraction?

Avoiding dairy products after tooth extraction is crucial for proper and smooth recovery. Here are the key reasons you should not consume dairy following a tooth removal –

Increased Swelling

Consuming dairy products can increase the swelling around the extraction site. Dairy proteins trigger inflammation, which leads to pain, discomfort, and swelling.

Risk of Infection

An “open wound” is created in the tooth socket after extraction. If it comes into touch with germs, it might get infected. Dairy products are among the most common dietary sources of bacteria. Thus, dentists are advised to avoid certain daily products and drinks until the extraction site completely recovers.

Cause Dry Socket

A blood clot will develop in the tooth socket following extraction, protecting the tooth and aiding recovery. A dry socket is the resultant state if the blood clot is disrupted or does not form. This is a painful condition that prolongs the healing process. A dry socket is a significant side effect of consuming dairy products.

Delay Healing

Dairy does supply your body with essential nutrients, but it might impede the healing process. The excessive calcium levels, which obstruct coagulation, are the cause of this. After extraction, the region is likely to bleed for a longer amount of time if you eat dairy products.

Effect Taste Buds

The formation of more mucus is another typical problem that can affect how well your taste receptors work. Dairy products can coat the soft tissues on your tongue, which can interfere with the normal operation of your taste buds. This might cause your taste buds to stop working or change how you perceive flavor.

Dairy products have also been known to cause inflammation of the extraction site. Dairy may also hinder the healing process.

What Can You Eat After Tooth Extraction?

It’s important to eat soft, easily digested meals after wisdom tooth extraction that won’t interfere with healing and reduce discomfort. After having a tooth extracted, you can consume the following foods:-

1 . Soft Foods

Avoid placing undue strain on the extraction site by choosing soft and easy foods to chew. Smoothies, cooked veggies, pureed soups, well-cooked pasta, and mashed potatoes are a few examples. While being gentle on the healing region, these meals offer vital nutrients.

2. Protein-Rich Foods

Protein is essential for tissue healing and repair. Eat soft protein, such as cooked legumes (beans, lentils), tofu, soft-cooked chicken or fish, and scrambled eggs. These choices supply the essential nutrients without needing a lot of chewing.

3. Vitamin C-Rich Foods

Vitamin C is essential for the healing process. There are other possibilities even if citrus fruits could be overly acidic. Savor vitamin C-rich foods such as mangoes, strawberries, melons, and kiwis. These fruits offer a nutritious boost while remaining soft and delicate at the extraction site.

4. Hydrating Foods

Hydration is essential for the healing process. Have food with high water content, such as applesauce, cucumbers, watermelon, and fruit purees. They are easy to eat and don’t require much chewing. These foods also keep your body hydrated.

5. Cold Foods And Beverages

Cool foods and drinks can reduce swelling and offer calming comfort. Savor smoothies made with soft fruits or vegetables and cold fruit-based sorbets.

6. Meal Replacement Shakes

If cooking or eating solid meals is difficult, consider getting nutritious liquids or meal replacement shakes. These goods might be a practical choice when recovering because they are made to offer a well-balanced combination of nutrients.

You can consider it your temporary diet while recovering from a tooth extraction. After that, you can return to your regular diet.

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