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Reasons Behind Failure of Dental Implants

Due to advancements in technology and dental care, it has become easier to prioritize our oral health. Unlike traditional times, there are so many dental procedures today that will improve issues that you have with your teeth. Additionally, these treatments are comfortable and preserve the bone.

Dental implants appear similar to your natural teeth. They help prevent bone loss and won’t cause any changes in the shape of your face. However, there are certain implants that cause implants to fail.

We have highlighted some of the common reasons why Dental Implants fail. However, before talking about it, we’d first like to discuss a few benefits of dental implants. You should be aware of the critical benefits that the procedure provides.

  •  It matches and resembles your natural teeth. Your dentist will design dental implants according to the shape, size, and color of your teeth.The implants should fit perfectly. In case you think that they aren't a proper fit, you must speak to your dentist.
  • One of the benefits of dental implants is that they replace the root of your tooth. It means that you will be able to bite the food with the same force that you do with your natural teeth.
  • Additionally, implants don’t change the structure of your face. They are designed to fit the shape of your face and won’t cause any change in your facial structure. A minor change can make you appear older. Therefore, implants will prevent the occurrence of shape change and
    will benefit you.
  •  You won’t get any cavities and won’t have to invest much for the aftercare. You won’t have to buy any special products to take care of your teeth after having dental implants.
  •  Dental implants provide support to the adjacent teeth and are a permanent solution to tooth loss. These also prevent bone loss which may help you live a better life.Now, let’s understand what could be some of the reasons that dental
    implants fail.

dental care how important is it

1. Smoking – One of the most significant reasons why dental implants fail is smoking.
While you may not have to buy specific products for after-care, it is essential to follow a specific diet. After the dental implant procedure, it is suggested to eat only soft foods and practice good hygiene.

Smoking is injurious for your health and can even lead to the failure of dental implants. You should ideally take a break of six months after getting the dental implants.

Quitting smoking can be difficult, but it is essential to understand that the procedure won’t be effective for smokers. Therefore, you will have to leave this habit and practice good hygiene.

2. Eating – As mentioned above, it is necessary to follow a proper diet after the dental implants. You should stick to soft foods to prevent the implants from failing. In the first few months, it can be difficult for the implants to handle the pressure of eating sticky foods. Therefore, you should include more soft foods such as sweet potatoes and lots of soup.

3. Material of the Implant – The material may also affect the longevity of the procedure. Cheap plastic material will break in a few months. Therefore, it is necessary to pay attention to the type of material your dentist is using. Titanium dental implants are affordable as well as durable. If you take care of the implants properly, they may even last you for more than 15-20 years. You must take proper precautions and follow the guidelines.

4. Improper planning – A dentist must completely examine your teeth before suggesting the procedure. Improper planning can also increase the risk of dental implant failure. If you have an uncontrolled chronic disease or had radiation therapy, you must inform your dentist.

They will first evaluate your condition to determine if the procedure is right for you. In situations where dental implants are not the right treatment for you, the dentist may suggest some other alternatives.

5. Wrong placement – Dental implants should not be placed in an area that has an insufficient amount of bone. In a situation like this, dental implants will tend to fail and may also lead to complications.

What are the signs of a dental implant failure?

Here are some of the signs and complications that an individual may experience in case of a dental failure:

  •  Difficulty chewing
  •  Gum inflammation
  •  Gum recession
  • Severe pain
  •  Discomfort
  •  Increased swelling
  • Loosening of an implant

You can take the following steps to reduce the risks of failure of dental implants:

  • Take proper care of your dental implants. You should brush and floss daily to prevent such risks.
  •  Quit smoking
  • Increase your calcium intake and include foods such as milk, oranges, cheese, broccoli, and yogurt. You can even consider taking calcium-rich supplements.
  • Avoid eating too much candy and ice.
  • After an implant procedure, you must avoid getting any other tooth-replacement procedure for some time. You should always consult your dentist to understand better and let them evaluate your condition.

Dental implants have a high success rate, but the procedure is not for everyone. Proper evaluation and examination are required before undergoing the treatment. Therefore, you should look for the Best Dentist in Plano to treat the condition.


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