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General Vs. Cosmetic Dentistry: How They Are Different ?

The difference between general dentistry and cosmetic dentistry is the most prevalent question when a patient visits a dentist. In short, general dentistry prevents discords and discomforts related to teeth and gum from making them healthy. At the same time, cosmetic dentistry focuses on the overall appearance of your teeth. 

However, sometimes you may find out that your general dentist offers cosmetic dentistry, too, with various procedures to support overall oral health. For this, if you are looking for facilities related to cosmetic dentistry in Friscoyou can get help from a qualified dentist. This article has mentioned every key aspect of cosmetic and general dentistry and their fundamental differences. 

General Vs. Cosmetic Dentistry: How They Are Different but Can Work Together

What exactly does a general dentist do?

General dentists treat problems related to teeth disorders. The procedures of general dentistry may include, 

  • Root Canal Treatments
  • Extractions of teeth
  • Fillings of teeth

Some general dentistry also covers various treatments related to gum bleeding, gum inflammation, and other gum-related diseases. At a general dentist, you will find some preventive care related to oral health, such as cleaning teeth, dental examinations, and oral health screening.

You will also get fluoride treatments, mouth guards, and sealants to make the teeth strong. Some general dentists also offer cosmetic treatments (i.e., teeth whitening). 

What exactly does a cosmetic dentist do?

You can opt for modern cosmetic dentistry treatments when you do not feel confident while smiling or you’re unsatisfied with your teeth. The process focuses on the appearance of the teeth, gums, and overall smile.

The most common procedures involved in this process are teeth implantation, teeth whitening, veneers, smile makeover, and fillings. Among these, teeth whitening is one of the prevalent services that almost every person, irrespective of gender, have at least once in their lifetime. Furthermore, it is less expensive than other services. 

Due to drinks, foods, medicines, or smoking over time, teeth become stained and dull. To make their teeth brighter, many people opt for teeth whitening treatments. Cosmetic dentists start by removing the debris, plaques, and tartar. After cleaning the teeth, the surface of the teeth is medically bleached to make them white.

However, some cosmetic products, toothpaste, or whitening strips claim to brighten your smile, but the efficiency of professional teeth whitening is much more effective. 

When doing general and cosmetic dentistry overlap

There are multiple situations when the difference between cosmetic dentistry and general dentistry becomes vague and overlapping. 

 For example:

  • The decayed teeth are taken out during extraction, which impacts your smile and appearance. People go to dental implantation to find a solution, which is considered cosmetic dentistry.
  • Dental veneers are part of cosmetic dentistry because they mask cracked teeth. However, it can also be considered a restorative treatment of general dentistry as they protect the teeth from further decay.
  • Dentures that are part of cosmetic dentistry fill the gaps between the teeth to enhance their appearance. However, at the same time, it mitigates the challenges when biting or eating foods.
  • The replacement of teeth enhances the appearance of your smile but also helps you bite while eating and prevent shifting out of rest teeth from their correct positions due to gaps.

Besides, you need to know that every dentist has DDS or DMD degrees which means they can treat your regular dental problems irrespective of specialization in cosmetic dentistry or general dentistry.

All the dentists start their career in general dentistry, and eventually, after availing of some training, they become experts in cosmetic dentistry. So, if you suffer from any regular dental-related problems, you can make an appointment with any of them. 

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