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Do’s and Don’ts After Dental Implants

Dental implant surgery is the most beneficial and effective in replacing a damaged or missing tooth. However, its aftereffects can trouble anyone. Although implants may seem intimidating, you could soon be relishing your fully functional teeth and improved smile with the proper aftercare.

Our Plano Dental Implant Dentists also say the recovery phase and aftercare are perhaps crucial factors patients must understand regarding oral surgery. Alongside getting regular checkups, you must adhere to your dentist’s recommendations and practice good dental hygiene at the personal level.

Here are some things you must Do and some Don’t throughout your recovery process after Dental implants.

Tips for Do’s and Don’ts after dental implant surgery

Dos after dental implants Don’ts after dental implants
Do proper care and rest after the surgery Refrain from any vigorous exercise or activities
Be careful with what you eat and drink Avoid certain food and drinks
Keeping good oral hygiene but be gentle Don’t use abrasive toothpastes and cleaning practices
Follow your dentist’s recommendations Avoid doing things that your dentist said no


Do’s After Getting A Dental Implant

You must adhere to the following practices after your dental implant surgery.

1- Just After the surgery:

To lessen swelling, you should use ice all day or at least for the first 18 hours. You can keep an ice pack on your face for every alternate 30 minutes. Take your pain relief medications precisely as directed. When it’s time to take medicine, even if you are still numb from the anesthetic, do so. 

2- Focus on your eating:

You should eat or drink anything only after the bleeding stops. Also, you must know that eating soft foods is good for your teeth. You can have healthy drinks, warm soups, and foods that you can directly swallow. You should also eat slowly and include vitamin-rich food to promote healing. Alternatively, you can use vitamin supplements. Even after some days of surgery, you must eat small bites to preserve your implants’ strength.

Do’s and Don'ts after dental implant

3- Maintain good dental hygiene:

From the second day of the surgery, you must clean your mouth four times a day with salt water. After eating, it’s especially crucial to gently remove any food remnants still in your mouth. At least twice daily, you should clean and floss your implanted teeth. You must especially do this after meals. To avoid or reduce bleeding & gingivitis, use unwaxed floss.

Use a soft bristle toothbrush that is specially made for cleansing implants. Posterior teeth brush heads effectively clean the region around implants and gums. Use only toothpaste containing fluoride or any that ADA has approved. Use a chlorhexidine-gluconate-containing antibacterial mouthwash that prevents gingivitis, plaque, and tartar-causing bacteria.

4- Other Important Dos:

You must follow your dentist’s instructions and recommendations as they better know what your implants need. After the surgery, you must take proper rest for a few days. You should also keep your head on pillows to maintain good blood flow. 

If you keep up with these Dos, you can quickly recover without much pain.

Don’ts After A Dental Implants Surgery

You need to avoid the following practices after your dental implant surgery.

  • For the initial days after getting dental implants, you must not do activity and physically demanding activities. While this is your time to recover, your dentist provides detailed information on how much time your body requires to rest.
  • Completely avoid having hot food and drinks till the numbing subsides, as it increases the risk of getting burns and slows the healing process.
  • Don’t eat sugar-rich foods that lead to plaque formation and damage gum health. Refrain from sticky and crunchy food for the initial six to eight weeks.
  • Don’t drink alcoholic beverages for 24 hours after getting implants. Don’t smoke at any cost, as it can slow healing and lead to implant failure.
  • Don’t brush your teeth with a toothpaste having baking soda and activated charcoal, as it can be abrasive for implants.

These points are applicable in every condition, whether you have one Dental implants treatment or full mouth reconstruction.

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