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Exploring The Link Between Poor Oral Hygiene and Oral Cancer By Dr.Jang

Oral hygiene and our health have an unspoken relationship. Poor oral hygiene can have far-reaching effects that go beyond the boundaries of our mouths, such as discolored teeth and foul breath. One such dangerous connection is the one that exists between poor oral hygiene and mouth cancer. 

Our Best dentists in Frisco can be consulted for any kind of dental problem as it is generally seen that neglecting dental health can significantly negatively influence the whole quality of life. It is believed by our dentists that going beyond purely cosmetic concerns of teeth appearance can lead to lifelong damage to our teeth.

The following studies show the connection between dental health and cancer risk to bring awareness to this important but frequently ignored element of our dental health.

Oral Cancer Awareness - Poor Oral Hygiene Link

How is Poor Oral Hygiene Related to Oral Cancer?

While excessive drinking, smoking, and HPV infection often increase the risk of certain oral and throat cancers, poor dental hygiene has also been linked to these diseases. The following can be the link between poor oral hygiene and oral cancer –

  • Increased Risk of Infections

Unhealthy bacteria can grow and thrive in the mouth due to poor dental hygiene. Infections of the gums, teeth, and throat may result from these germs. While the immune system generally combats these illnesses, a weakened immune system or the consumption of drugs like cigarettes and alcohol might impair its effectiveness.

  • Changes in Cell Growth

Poor oral hygiene-related infections can alter cell development in the mouth and throat. These alterations could encourage the growth of malignant cells. Maintaining good dental health is essential because healthy cells are less likely to undergo cancerous changes.

  • HPV Infection

A 56 percent increased incidence of oral HPV (human papillomavirus) infections has been associated with poor oral health, including inflamed gums and other oral problems. Certain HPV strains can cause mouth and throat infections, leading to oropharyngeal cancer development.

Maintaining excellent oral health can decrease the chance of getting oral cancer and reduce other poor oral hygiene consequences. 

Dental Hygiene Practices To Prevent Oral Cancer

Consider the following oral hygiene tips to prevent oral cancer or minimize its risks-

1.  Regular dental check-ups for cancer prevention

Visit your dentist regularly for checks. They can see early indications of oral cancer and offer advice on maintaining excellent oral health.

2. Tobacco and Alcohol Moderation

Alcohol consumption and tobacco and oral cancer are quite related. Alcohol and tobacco consumption should be restricted or avoided as they both provide considerable risks for oral cancer. These compounds raise the risk of malignant development while harming the cells in your mouth.

3. Brushing and flossing for cancer prevention

Use toothpaste with fluoride to brush your teeth at least twice daily. Don’t forget to pay attention to your tongue, gums, and mouth roof. To remove plaque and food fragments from your teeth’s gaps and gum line, floss daily. Eliminate bacteria and strengthen tooth enamel. Consider using an antibacterial or fluoride mouthwash.

Though not all oral cancer causes may be prevented by oral hygiene habits alone, a proactive approach to dental care can significantly reduce oral cancer risks.

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