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Do’s and Don’ts After Getting a Dental Crown

Dental crowns are custom-made, tooth-shaped prosthetic caps placed over a damaged tooth to help restore its shape, size, strength, and appearance. These crowns are made from materials such as porcelain, ceramic, metal alloys, or resin. It depends on the patient’s choices, needs, and preferences regarding the materials. 

If you are thinking of getting a dental crown, our dentist in Plano offers the best treatment and personalized care for your teeth.

Dental crown care tips: Do's and Don'ts

After Care Tips For Dental Crown

A dental crown is one of the most common teeth procedures. Proper dental crown aftercare guidelines not only enhance the longevity of your dental crown but also maintain your overall oral health. Here are some essential dos and don’ts for dental crown treatment.

Do’s Don’ts 
You should maintain good dental crown hygiene. Regular brushing and flossing can help a lot and will prevent plaque buildup around your crown. Avoid excessive force while brushing and pressure while flossing. It may cause the crown’s displacement. 
Always follow the dentist’s guidelines for post-treatment care or medications. Go for regular check-ups and discuss any potential issues. Dental crown aftercare is very crucial.  Don’t ignore dental issues. If you notice any issues with your crown, Such as looseness or sensitivity, contact your dentist immediately. Never postpone or skip any appointment.
Maintain a healthy diet with less sugar, acidic foods, and beverages. This will help for a sustainable crown life.  Avoid tea, coffee, red wine, or any food that can stain your crown. Also, refrain from smoking and tobacco items. 
If you have teeth-grinding habits while sleeping then go for a nightguard. It is necessary to take some dental crown precautions.  Don’t bite hard surfaces like pens, pencils, or fingernails, and also avoid some sticky foods. This may dislodge the crown or cause unnecessary stress. 
If the crown dissolves or causes pain, always inform your dentist first.  Never try to adjust the crown by yourself. 
Try to consume some soft and easily digestible foods, especially in the initial weeks.  Avoid hard foods like nuts, candy, and ice. It may crack the crown. Avoiding damage to the dental crown is necessary for its sustainability. 

Some Additional Tips To Extend Dental Crown Longevity

Taking good care of your dental crown is always the best choice. Here are some additional post-crown treatment advice on how you can prolong your crown longevity –

  • Always go for a balanced diet 
  • Practise some good dental habits 
  • Regular dental crown cleaning
  • Avoid acidic foods and excessive sugar 
  • Don’t use your teeth as cutting tools 
  • Avoid smoking and tobacco items 

It is mandatory to follow the dental crown care tips. Otherwise, it will create some other oral problems. 

Always remember that proper care enhances the longevity of dental crowns. These guidelines are on a general basis. Your dentist may provide specific instructions based on your problem and dental crown type. Taking these precautions can significantly enhance the lifespan of your dental crown. It is crucial to know what to avoid with a dental crown. 

Sometimes you can experience some discomfort and pain. You can have some pain relievers for pain management after a dental crown. If the pain persists, contact your dentist for advice.

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