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At Frisco Family Dentistry, we have an outstanding reputation of providing our patients with dental treatment of high quality. Our helpful team of dental hygienists treats every patient with the most extreme love and attention. We use a range of advanced technologies, including computerized imaging, paperless records to make the treatment cheap for our patients and enhance their dental treatment as soon as possible. From preventative care to restorative services, our team will make sure that you’re doing great with our high-quality treatment and medical practices. Our most of the patients get amazed by the atmosphere we provide here and leave the office giving a beautiful smile and hope for another visit.

Your Dental Health Is So Important To Us

​​​​​​​Practising great dental health is vital to keep a healthy mouth, teeth and gums. It will also boost your appearance and personal life.

Combining with a dental health team, you and your dentist can come up with a proper proactive plan. Together, you can keep numerous dental issues from causing the quality of life and potential medical dysfunctions.

Weak, twisted, missing teeth or a crooked jaw can ruin your speech or way of living and way of talking to somebody else. It all makes difficult for you to chew and digest food properly and may lead to high-priced restorative procedures.

Cavities are the main reason to cause pain to your teeth and uncover a tooth’s root. Hot or cold food or drinks can bring an unbearable pain to you and that isn’t right. That’s when you should get yourself checked by the Best Frisco Family Dentistry TX.

At Frisco Family Dentistry we are apt at Dental cleaning & Exams, Dental Emergencies, Dental fluoride, Dental Retainers, Digital X-Rays, Scaling and Root Planning, Dental Crowns, Dental Implants, Tooth Extraction, Dental Bonding, Teeth Whitening, Dental Bridges and so on.

What Brings You to Us

Our exceptional and advanced dentistry make us the Best Dentist Frisco TX. Most of our patients are referred by our older clients to their family members or friends. We’re proud to say that we’ve already worked for many ages of the same family. We are never resting dental services and we’re always working to get the opportunity to win your trust and keep up with it. If somehow you’re in need of a family dental specialist then you can rely upon us, we’re looking forward to you to make contact with Frisco Family Dentistry right now. We believe that we can take care of you just like our own loved one and give you the care and respect that you deserve.

Get Yourself Cured With A Family Dentist at Frisco Dentist

Importance of your Dental health

A beautiful smile looks even better if you have healthy teeth and you’re living a healthy dental life. If your dental health is in danger, you will spend your whole day suffering from pain and misery. A misaligned jaw can change your way of talking and ruin your lifestyle or facial features.

Holes are painful spots on your teeth where waste has wrecked your teeth to its foundations and revealed a tooth’s root. Indeed, even hot nourishment or chilly beverages can make you feel uneasy so you need to deal with a considerable measure of pointless things which is undesirable.

Cavities may keep damaging your teeth until the time they take your tooth to the end of its life and make it more painful for you to bear this feeling of discomfort. This is the time when you require an expert from Dentist Frisco TX to deal with your dental health and reestablish your teeth’s health back to its ordinary routine.

We realize that a baby’s teeth get loosen and drop out as your child develops, they are imperative to oral health. Youngster’s teeth are placeholders for permanent teeth and need better than average consideration and support. That’s why we recommend you to visit us at Dentist Frisco TX every six months in order to get your kid a proactive plan of his/her teeth’s health so he/she can grow up into a healthy child.

Children and young ones often experience faster growth of process in their early age which may add to issues like irregular teeth, misaligned jaws (upper and lower teeth don’t adjust organized appropriately) or different issues.

The services we provide are all latest and excellent leading to a perfect dental health. Our services include Dental Cleaning, Dental Examination, Dental Sealants, Digital X-Rays, Fluoride Treatment, Periodontal Examination, Dental Bonding & Coloring, Teeth Whitening, Dental bridges and crowns.

We’re committed to offer you quality dental care at Frisco Dentist in your town. We provide thorough evaluation to our patients oral dental health needs. We do it in the most exceptional way as we believe in listening to each patient carefully to ascertain their health care needs and provide them with customized treatments Dentist Frisco TX is a dental practice department that suits your lifestyle with modern dentistry and painless treatment methods. As our dental office is equipped with latest technology and our staff is up to date with the latest treatment techniques.

It’s Time to Boost Your Lost Confidence With Dental Implants

Have you ever had an accident and lost your teeth? Are you satisfied with the way your teeth are arranged in your mouth? If these issues describe you, then you might be the ideal one for dental implants. Although there are a few things that you should consider right before you make your mind to undergo this service.

The first thing that you should know is what dental implants actually are. They are appliances which replace the natural root of a tooth and are oftentimes made of titanium due to its repute for strength. Well, the idea of Dental Implants is to trick one’s jawbone into believing that it is completely natural that it would accept it. In case your dentist considers that you require teeth replaced, then you might an ideal candidate for the process.

The Reasons you Require Dental Implants

In case you have swollen gums, inappropriately fitting partial, cavities which are deep or broken teeth or jaw, you might facilitate from one. Even if now people have easy access to the best Dental Implants, several people still don’t access it and also have issues with their teeth. Let you know that dental implants of these days are quite better than those of early days.

Where do you Start in your Search for Dental Implants?

You should visit first your dentist who would record your medical history because he/she can help you in determining which prosthodontist is great for you. After that, you and your prosthodontist would go over options that you might have and give you instructions for your fast recovery that you would require. Then, you would have x-rays done and would get pre-treatment queries answered.

Once your dental implants are done and your healing is over, you would regain the lost confidence that you need for everything you do.

When Should You Actually Decide Of Visiting A Dentist

Your original whites are like treasure and to keep them healthy requires quite an amount of daily care. Teeth can face a lot during a lifetime; they can be attacked by a cavity, infections, withering away or simply chip due to some accident. Teeth cannot be ignored because beautiful and healthy teeth can make you even more confident and enhances your facial structure; hence a steady daily regimen of tooth care is essential for every individual.

As regular health check-ups are essential, regular dentist visits are also quite cardinal. Your teeth go through a lot during the day, as a result tooth health is detrimental and requires expert’s attention on a regular basis.

Tooth Problems That Require Immediate Attention Are:


Your tooth can ache due to various reasons and the reasons may be unknown till you visit a Dentist in Plano TX or wherever you stay. There may be a cavity, infection in the gum or some gum disease that requires immediate attention. You should never ignore a toothache when it is continuing for more than two days, making you uncomfortable to eat or carry on with daily activities. Toothaches can be unnerving and hence a dental treatment can give you relief. Hence, don’t defer your dentist visit if you are in pain. Make sure you visit a dentist that you trust, such as the best emergency dentist in London.

Dental Sensitivity

Sensitivity in your tooth is just an alarm raised for some underlying problem. You may experience extreme sensitivity while having something cold or hot. The sensitivity of the teeth is quite a trouble and your eating habits get upset. Causes of sensitivity can be a tooth decay, chipped or fractured tooth, gum disease or gum infection, worn tooth enamel and exposed tooth root. All of these causes require attention and treatment.

Breakage Or Chipping Of Teeth

When your tooth gets knocked out due to any reason like an accident or due to eating any hard substance, you require immediate attention. This knocked out tooth needs to be replaced immediately to avoid further trouble and to ensure good oral health. Tooth replacement is not an easy procedure but a good dentist can handle it well leaving you with a comfortable new tooth. Go for a replacement even when your tooth is partially chipped because this partial breakage can lead to tooth decay and can be a reason if you are experiencing sensitivitWhen Should You Actually Decide Of Visiting A Dentisty.

Dry Mouth

If you are experiencing dry mouth you may require visiting a dentist like Smiles That Rock. Dry mouth can be a signal to many health conditions. Heavy medications can also result in dry mouth. When you complain of dry mouth, your dentist will check whether there is any decay that is causing reduced salivary flow.

Keeping your teeth hearty and healthy is very important and for that, a visit to the Best Dentist in Frisco and following the guidelines should be included in your tooth care regimen. Teeth are subjected to fast withering and decaying due to cavity hence a regular check on the cavity is required. Pinnacle Dental is an option in this area that has been practicing treating and taking care of the dental health of many patients since many years now. With the techniques of sedation and others, the professionals have made dental care for the family a comfortable one.

Get Dental Implants as the Permanent Solution

Pinnacle Dental

Pinnacle Dental is a reputable dental office which is known for its quality and patient oriented services from routine cleaning to the full mouth rehabilitation using dental implants. Pinnacle Dental has the qualified and experienced dental practitioner whose dental aptitudes are well known in the entire Dallas and known for their first-class dentistry.

Doctor Jang

Doctor Steve Jang, at the Pinnacle Dental, is considered as the Best Dentist in Dallas in light of his dental knowledge, dental aptitudes and his own behaviour with his patients. He makes the patients comfortable so that the patients will easily disclose to him all the dental issues he or she is experiencing. At the Pinnacle Dental, Dr. Jang focuses on treating patients not just teeth. Dr. Jang can also recommend clinics in other states, such as affordable dental implants NYC for clients who reside outside of Dallas.

What are Dental Implants? 

Dental Implant is a titanium dental fixture that is placed in the jawbone to replace missing teeth.  Once the implant is integrated into the jawbone, an implant abutment and an implant crown can be attached to an implant. At Pinnacle Dental, you will get the quality dental implant service you need with the Best Dentist in Dallas.

Are Dental Implants safe treatment?

Dental Implants are made of titanium which are the same as screws and nuts used in orthopedic surgery to repair fractured bones. Titanium is a material that is the biocompatible and little danger of metal sensitivity. After implant treatment, appropriate maintenance will ensure the longevity of the Dental Implant.

Cosmetic Dentistry is Pivotal for Our Better Smile

Pinnacle Dental is well known for its customer oriented dental services and highly reviewed for dental implant and cosmetic procedures. There are qualified and experienced dental experts whose dental aptitudes are notable in the whole Plano and known for their world-class dentistry. 

Doctor Steve Jang

Doctor Steve Jang is the leading dental expert of the Pinnacle Dental. He is considered as the Best Dentist in Plano because of his dental aptitudes, skills and his own conduct with his patients. He makes the patient comfortable first so that the patient will adequately reveal to him all the dental issues from which he or she is suffering.

Pinnacle Dental has a stellar reputation for its cosmetic dentistry and every one of the procedures that are involved in the cosmetic dentistry is given under the roof of Pinnacle Dental by an experienced Dentist in Plano TX. The center is reputed for providing the cosmetic dentistry in Plano and giving the patient a painless dentistry and improves their looks by the use of modern technology.

What is Cosmetic Dentistry?

Cosmetic Dentistry is widely recognized in the whole world because teeth and smile play essential roles in our appearance. Cosmetic dentistry is the sort of dental process that enhances the presence of the teeth and gums and as the name suggests, cosmetic dentistry incorporates each one of those procedures that are planned to be performed for cosmetic reasons. The procedure essentially concentrates on rectifying the color, shade, size, shape, position of the teeth, and they most importantly improve patients’ confidence. If you ever need or consider cosmetic dentistry, then you should visit the Pinnacle Dental where you will get your desired smile and confidence. If you would like to look at other options then you could consider something like Smiles by Design San Diego, just so you understand cosmetic dentistry better.

Few of the Procedures of Cosmetic Dentistry are Enlisted Below –

Advantages of Cosmetic Dentistry

  • Getting your Smile Back

Dental implants are the important procedure of cosmetic dentistry which addresses missing, broken, hopeless teeth. They look and feel like your own natural teeth because they are designed to fuse with the bone. Dental implants give us natural and confident smile with longevity.

  • Bright Smile

Teeth Whitening is an hour long procedure that will get you the pearl white smile at Pinnacle Dental. Cosmetic Dentistry Plano involves teeth whitening which is best known for removing discoloration of your teeth.

  • Confidence

All the dental procedures improve functionality and appearance of the teeth and gums and make us feel and look better. This will improve the confidence level of an individual because he or she can smile and talk in front of the public.

Experience an Anxiety Free Dentistry with Sedation

At Pinnacle Dental, Dr. Steve Jang is advanced trained in both oral and iv sedation and can help the patients who are very anxious and nervous about dental treatment. Sedation dentistry will help fearful patients to get their healthy smile back.

What is Sedation Dentistry?

Sedation medicines administered during the dental procedure will consciously sedate and relax patients. Patients will be closely monitored throughout the procedure by trained doctor and staff. Sedation dentistry is often referred to as sleep dentistry despite the fact that is not completely right because patients are conscious and awake during the sedation unless patients are under general sedation.

Is sedation safe?

With minimal or light sedation, it will induce relief of apprehension for patients to overcome the fear of dental treatment. The patients are closely monitored throughout the procedure and titrated amount of medicine is administered by trained doctor, so it is very safe for patients. Patients will be evaluated prior to sedation to see if they are good candidates for sedation.

Advantages of Sedation Dentistry

  • Maintains Oral Health

Great oral wellbeing can be kept up with the help of Sedation Dentistry at Pinnacle Dental. With the assistance of sedation dentistry, you will get the ideal dental treatment to achieve and maintain great oral health.

  • Anxiety and Fear Free Dentistry

The medications used during sedation typically have additional beneficial effects, as important as sedation. It will provide relief of agitation and lapse in fearful memory for a period of time. Sedation Dentistry by Dr. Steve Jang, Best Dentist in Frisco will give you an anxiety and fear-free experience on a dental chair.

Dental Bridges Will Give A Proper Shape to Your Mouth

Teeth issues are growing common nowadays and we ourselves are responsible for these issues. There are many of our habits that are affecting the oral health of ours and we are not serious about the outcomes of those habits. All the teeth issues if not cured at the early stage finally leads to the loss of teeth. What are the habits and cause that lead to teeth problems or indirectly teeth loss? Some of such causes are enlisted below –

  • Unable to maintain proper hygiene i.e. improper or irregular brushing and flossing
  • Wrong dietary habits such as eating or drinking too hot or too cold
  • Eating a lot of fast foods
  • Smoking and drinking
  • Drinking impure water and somewhere our polluted environment is also one of the causes of teeth issues etc are the common cause that leads to the dental issues.

Pinnacle Dental is a celebrated dental care which is known for its astounding dental services and all type of dental services are offered at the dental office from routine cleaning to the dental implants treatment. The dental office is caparisoned with the qualified and experienced dentist whose dental skills are famous in the whole Dallas and known for their world-class dentistry. Doctor Steve Jang is the preeminent dentist of the Pinnacle Dental and he is considered as the Best Dentist in Dallas because of his dental knowledge, skills and his personal behaviour with his patients. He makes the patient comfortable so that the patient will easily tell him all the dental issues he or she is facing. At the Pinnacle Dental, all treatment for missing teeth is available and one of the options for missing teeth is a dental bridge.

What is Dental Bridge?

A Dental Bridge is a common, affordable, long lasting, and generally safe treatment for missing teeth. The dental bridge is so named in light of the fact that it truly bridges the gap made when teeth are lost. The bridges are caparisoned by the single or more artificial teeth known as pontics which are held in place by two dental crowns, or abutments.

Types of Dental Bridges

Traditional Bridges – These bridges are mostly used and consist of one or more pontics or the artificial teeth and they are cemented to the natural teeth adjacent to your missing teeth. You can get the Dental Bridges Plano TX by visiting the office of Pinnacle Dental.

Cantilever Bridges – These bridges are another option for replacing the missing teeth and somewhere quite similar to traditional bridges but in these bridges, pontics are only supported on one side by the abutment however in traditional they are supported on both the side by the abutment.

Maryland Bonded Bridges – Are also called a resin-bonded bridge or Maryland bridges that are made up of plastic, porcelain or porcelain fused to metal. Metal wings on each side of the bridge are bonded to the existing teeth.

Some of the Advantages of Dental Bridges are enrolled underneath –


The foremost advantage of dental bridges is that they are ideal for restoring your smile and they will give you a beautiful smile. They bridge the gap between the teeth and hence they remove all the ugliness that is visible because of the missing teeth and gives a patient a beautiful and cheering smile. Just ensure you have had a look for the best dentist before you get any treatment done. Have a look at your dentists previous work or even just their website can say a lot about them; just like this dental care in fredricksburg va – you can find out so much more about what you should expect.


Apart from restoring the smile, dental bridges also improve the ability of a patient for proper chewing because it is impossible to chew properly without the teeth. Dental bridges will make a patient able to speak and chew properly.


Dental Bridges are also utilised for enhancing the look of your face because missing teeth lead to shrinking of the mouth and loses its proper shape. Dental bridges will provide the ideal and proper shape to your mouth and enhance the look of your mouth.

Dental Implants Gives Us A Youthful Smile

Every five from out of ten people are suffering from any type of dental issue in the whole world. If you are also the one who is having any type of dental issue then you should visit the Pinnacle Dental in Plano. Pinnacle Dental is the leading dental care which is providing the world class dental services to the patients in the state of Texas.

Pinnacle Dental is caparisoned by many qualified and experienced dentist and they are serving the patients with the best dentistry and offering world class dentistry under the roof of Pinnacle Dental. At the dental office, all the dental procedures are provided from the tooth extraction to the dental implants treatment and we are famous for the Family Dentistry Plano. If you are suffering from any type of dental issue then you can contact the Pinnacle Dental where all your dental issues will be resolved.

What are the causes of Dental issues?

  • Not drinking the perfect quality of water
  • Wrong dietary habits such as eating or drinking too hot or too cold
  • Intake of a lot of junk foods
  • Improper hygiene like irregular brushing and flossing
  • Missing teeth by any accident or decaying
  • Smoking and this polluted environment etc. are some of the causes that are the main cause of the dental issue in today’s world.

If you are having missing teeth then you can visit the Pinnacle Dental where Dr. Steve Jang is giving the dental implants treatment for the missing teeth. Doctor Steve Jang is the leading dentist at Pinnacle Dental and he is famous for his exceptional dental skills and for his experience in the field of dentistry. He is considered the Best Dentist in Frisco because of his ultimate dental issues solving ability and because of his personal behaviour he is having with his patients.

A Dental Implant is like a tooth root which is titanium post that is surgically positioned into the jawbone underneath the gum line and after that, a crown is placed on that implant. Dental Implants are the permanent solution for the missing teeth and here stated underneath are some of the advantages of dental implants –

Enhancing The Appearance

Dental implants are the important procedure of the cosmetic dentistry and they enhance the appearance of your smile. They look and feel like your own natural teeth because they are designed to fuse with the bone. Dental implants furnish us with a beautiful and natural smile.

Give You a Youthful Smile

Missing teeth cause the bone loss which led to facial sagging. Missing teeth lead to the occurrence of excess wrinkles on the mouth and the cheeks of a person shrink who have missing teeth. This makes a person to look older than his or her actual age. But with the dental implant treatment, wrinkles can be prevented and your smile will be youthful and you look more attractive.

Act as a Natural Teeth

This is the biggest advantage of dental implants that they restore the chewing power of a person. By the Dental Implants Treatment, you can choose your own food and no one will give guidance to you in choosing your food. You can eat anything you want. Dental implants remove restrictions from your eating that are imposed when you have no teeth.

Cosmetic Dentistry Will Give You A Beautiful Smile

If you are having any issue with your teeth or smile than you can consult at Pinnacle Dental where all your dental queries will be sorted out. At Pinnacle Dental you will get all the dental services and the center is renowned in all Plano for its world class dental services. Doctor Steve Jang is a famous dentist in Plano who is known for his experience and qualitative dental skills. This article describes the cosmetic services and Sleep Apnea treatment that is given at the Pinnacle Dental.

Cosmetic Dentistry is by and large used to allude to any dental work that enhances the appearance of teeth, gums or facilitates chomp. It fundamentally concentrates on the improvement of dental aesthetics in color, position, shape, size, and appearance of the smile. Cosmetic Dentistry is mainly focused on the presence of teeth and the improvement of a person’s smile. It is not always necessary that the cosmetic dentistry also improves functionality. Fewer of the cosmetic procedures at Pinnacle Dental are stated below but if you would like more information on Cosmestic Dentistry then search online for cosmetic dentist San Diego


Dental Veneer or porcelain veneers is the dental procedure that is used to cover the front surface of the teeth. The thin shells that are made up of porcelain or plastic are bonded to the front teeth by using a material for changing in color, shape, and size etc. Dental Veneers don’t require the removal of tooth structure and they are only pasted. They are used for discolored, chipped or crooked teeth etc.


  • Veneers provide a natural appearance to the teeth because they are made up of natural teeth color.
  • Dental veneers are stain resistant
  • Porcelain veneers are strong and they are having the durability.

Tooth Color Bonding

In tooth bonding process, a tooth-colored resin material is bonded to the tooth by using the adhesive lights. Bonding is used to repair the chipped, decayed, discolored teeth and to make tooth longer.


  • Dental bonding is the best treatment for minor dental imperfections that affects the appearance of the tooth.
  • Dental bonding is the important procedure of Cosmetic Dentistry and they bond the gap between the two teeth.

Porcelain Crowns

A dental crown is a tooth- shaped cap that is put over the harmed or affected tooth to secure it and give it the strength and the perfect shape and size. Dental crowns fundamentally used to offer support or reinforcement to the harmed or the rotted teeth.


  • Dental Crowns are stain resistant and they are long lasting
  • A crown widely solves the cosmetic purpose and they restore chewing ability of teeth by restoring the decayed or damaged teeth.


Cosmetic Dentistry Plano also includes the Invisalign. Invisalign are the clear braces that are used in straightening of the teeth. Invisalign are almost invisible braces that are more suitable than the conventional wires.


  • Invisalign clear braces can be removed by the user only and they can be easily cleaned
  • They are virtually invisible and improve the appearance of the teeth.
  • In one year you can get the straight teeth easily.

Sleep Apnea Treatment

Sleep apnea is a common disorder but it may be serious if left untreated. Sleep apnea is a disorder in which breath of a person interrupts during the sleep because of the relaxation of throat muscle during sleep and they fall on the windpipe. The breath of a person interrupts because of the blockage of oxygen to the brain. A person who is suffering from sleep apnea should get the Sleep Apnea Treatment because it can lead to many harmful disorders and some of them are stated below-

  • Sleep apnea will lead to daytime fatigue and person remains sleepy in the day
  • Sleep apnea will affect the cardiovascular system of the body and lead to many heart-related problems such as high blood pressure, heart failure etc.
  • As there is blockage of oxygen to the brain, sleep apnea may be the main cause of stroke.