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The Root Cause of Teeth Issues Is Gum Problems

Dental implants are an effective tooth replacement procedure that help to improve overall, oral, health. They resemble natural teeth and keep adjacent teeth stable. Millions of people deal with the condition of a missing tooth in at least one point of their lifetime. 

However, it is essential to understand that dental implant procedures are not for everyone. There are certain health conditions that may restrict the success of dental implants. Therefore, it is essential to determine and understand if you are the right candidate. 

It is critical to visit the dentist and get evaluated before undergoing the treatment. You should even inform your dentist if you have had radiation therapy. It can reduce the risk of success and may lead to complications. 

Here are a few factors to consider if you are considering the Dental Implants in Frisco, TX

  1. The right candidate should have healthy gums

It is necessary to have healthy gums to be eligible for the treatment. When you have unhealthy gums, it may be difficult to conduct the procedure. It may lead to complications and failure of the treatment. One should also have enough bone support to be the right candidate for the dental implant. 

You can still get the treatment even if you have experienced the loss of bone. The dentist will rebuild the bone with the help of a grafting procedure during the implant process. 

  1. Successful implantation begins with a thorough evaluation

The dentist will first evaluate your teeth and mouth conditions,  thoroughly. They will look at your teeth, jaw, and mouth. Even your overall health and any complications will be considered to evaluate your condition. 

When you are suffering from a major chronic health issue, you may not be the right candidate for the treatment. Therefore, if you are suffering from conditions such as diabetes, issues related to the lungs, you must inform the healthcare provider. 

Root Cause of Teeth Issues
They will study your reports and decide if dental implants are the right procedure for you. There are certain alternative treatments available that may suit you in such a situation. Based on your reports and your health condition, the dentists will help you determine the right treatment. They may recommend you get a  bridge or dentures when dental implants are not the ideal procedure. 

As mentioned above, certain conditions or factors may lead to the failure of the procedure. Following are the factors that may do so: 

  1. Smoking –

It is one of the main reasons why dental implants fail. Smoking may reduce the blood flow, which may bring complications in the healing process. You are at higher risk of experiencing dental implant failure if you are a smoker. 

However, being a smoker doesn’t imply that you are not the right candidate for the treatment. You may still be the right candidate if you are willing to take a break from smoking. You may have to take a break prior to the treatment as well as after the treatment. The break is necessary and will benefit you in various ways. 

  1. Gum disease and untreated infection– 

Before getting dental implant treatment, you must ensure that your gums are healthy. When you have an untreated infection, the implants will get damaged automatically. Therefore, it is critical to get yourself checked before the treatment. Your dentist will ideally conduct a series of CT scans and x-rays to evaluate the condition of your teeth and mouth. 

  1. Medical condition – 

Certain medical conditions may restrict and slow down the process of healing. People diagnosed with conditions such as arthritis and rheumatoid arthritis are often recommended to not undergo the treatment. You should inform your dentist at the first appointment itself. 

Besides this, you must also inform your dentist about the medications that you are taking. There are certain medications that may affect the process of healing. You should discuss all these critical aspects with your oral surgeon before the treatment. 

  1. Allergic reaction –

In case you are allergic to titanium or metal, you must inform your oral surgeon. You may experience a tingling sensation and various other allergic side effects. Ideally, you should inform them earlier so that they can use a different material and/or they can guide you properly. 

  1. Poor dental maintenance –

The key to the success of dental implants is how much you take care of them. You should thoroughly clean your teeth and brush your teeth regularly. Practice good hygiene and reduce the risk of experiencing failures.  

  1. Not following dentist’s  instructions –

Post-surgery, you should ensure that you are following the guidelines given by your dentist. If they have asked you to not take a particular medication, you must ensure that you are not taking it. Not following the post-surgery guidelines can lead to various complications and failure of the treatment. 

These are some of the potential risk factors that may increase the risk of failure. Long-term complications of a dental implant may include conditions such as nerve damage or tissue damage. 

You should take the necessary steps and get in touch with the best dentist in Frisco, TX to minimize the likelihood of long-term complications and failure. You should also follow good hygiene and take all the necessary measures. You can always follow the above-mentioned crucial steps to reduce the risk of failure. 

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