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How Many Types Of Dentures Are There?

Dentures are the replacement of missing teeth, as well as the surrounding tissues. They are removable and hassle-free to use. It is customized according to your mouth’s measurement to fit perfectly, just like your natural teeth. But a person will take some time to adjust with dentures. It an effective option that allows people to wear smiles and confidence without any hustle-bustle.

No discomfort along the gums and an easy adjustment feature make a right choice. Today’s Denture is made of excellent material and with advanced tools. Hence, they are incredibly comfortable. As it gives you ease to remove and wear as per your needs, many people live to have dentures. You can remove them while sleeping, put them on while eating, talk, and go out with confidence. There is no issue in speaking, chewing, and doing other chores.
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Types of Dentures-

1. Complete Denture– This is a traditional/ conventional denture- used when a complete set of teeth are missing.
2. Partial Denture– used when only there is you have a few teeth remaining.
The key benefits of wearing a denture are improved smile and appearance, comfort while speaking and eating.
Let us dive into details of both types of dentures;

1.Complete Dentures-

They can be either immediate or conventional. Complete dentures will be placed when all of your teeth are removed, and gums are healed. The dentists will examine you carefully before the final placement. You will be fit to use dentures after eight to 12 weeks from when your teeth were removed.

The dentures will be made as per your measurements, and the dentist will do this job well in advance. Immediate dentures are always made in advance so that it can be used soon after the complete healing process. The wearer has to follow the instructions of the dentist for using dentures without any hassle.

The reason why we must wait for complete healing of the gums is; our bones and gums tend to shrink during the healing process after teeth removal. Hence, to get a proper fit for complete dentures, you have to wait.

2.Partial dentures-

As the name suggests, it is used when only some of the teeth are missing from our mouth. In this process, a base is attached to a metal piece. The base is pink-colored, or gum-colored to give it a natural look. These metal pieces are meant to hold dentures tightly inside the mouth. The partial dentures prevent the natural teeth from moving or getting distorted due to the available space of missing teeth.

Made from all acrylic or acrylic material, they are convenient to use. It is very easy to remove and, thus, give you comfort to use it as per your convenience.

How can we care for our dentures to make them long-lasting? Be it a partial denture, or complete Denture, taking care of them plays a crucial role. A denture can be used life-long if maintained well. Removing and cleaning them every day should not be missed. Apart from cleaning them, you should also brush the palate, gums, and tongue with a soft brush.

An experienced dentist can help you get the right type of Denture, and through regular check-ups, they can enhance your oral health. It is advised to visit an experienced dentist once in every six months to have good oral health.

You may feel slightly odd in the first few days as Dentures in Plano take some time to adjust with your gums. You may think that dentures are loose, but give yourself some time to adapt, and you will soon see positive outcomes. As soon as you adapt, they will be incredibly hassle-free to use.

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