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Dental Crowns-An Overview

A dental crown is a cap a dentist uses to cover a tooth. A tooth that develops a cavity is treated and covered with a crown. Crown is also used to cover a dental implant. Dental cement helps in attaching the crown to the teeth. A crown makes the teeth stronger. It stops further decay of the tooth and improves its looks. Crowns improve the condition of teeth, but they are expensive. 

Dental Crowns-An Overview

Why A Crown Is Used

The teeth can become damaged due to injury, decay, or disease. It can lead to loss of shape and size of the infected tooth. Using a Dental Crown is a solution to these problems. If anyone wants to get a crown done, they can visit to your dentist.    

  • A crown stops a decayed or weak tooth from breaking. If an infected or damaged tooth develops cracks, a crown keeps the cracks together and stops them from falling apart
  • A broken tooth can be saved and restored by using a crown 
  • If you have a big-sized filling in your teeth and a very less part of the tooth is visible or remaining, then a crown helps in covering it 
  • If the shape of the teeth has become bad, or if the teeth have become discolored, then a crown helps to cover it 
  • Crown is used with dental implants and bridges to hold and cover them

Types Of Dental Crowns

  • Porcelain and ceramic crowns
  • Metallic crowns 
  • Crowns made with porcelain and metal mixture 
  • Zirconia crowns
  • Crowns that are made of composite resin
  • Gold crowns made of copper, nickel, or chromium
  • Combination crowns made of mixed material

Where Is The Crown Used

  • The dentist fixes the crown above the tooth 
  • The crown is of the same size and shape as the damaged tooth 
  • It fits the top of the tooth like a cap or cover

How Is Dental Crown Made

  • The crown is fabricated according to the size and shape of the tooth on which it is to be used
  • The dentist takes the impression of the teeth and then makes the crown

What Are Onlays And ¾ Crowns

  • A dental crown is used to cover the entire tooth, while an onlay covers only ⅔ rd part of a tooth
  • ¾ crown is a three-quarter crown that covers ¾th part of your tooth

What Is The Procedure Of A Dental Crown

The procedure for a dental crown in Plano takes 2 sessions. In the first session, the dentist makes the crown, and in the 2nd session, they will fix the crown to the teeth. 

  • In the first session, an x-ray of the tooth is done, and the dentist checks the roots of the teeth if there is any problem. If it needs a root canal or any other treatment, it is done
  • The next step is preparing the tooth for the crown. Reshaping of the tooth is done. A filling is inserted in the tooth if there is a space due to decay or damage. Your dentist takes an impression of the teeth with putty or other material. A digital scanner may be used to take the impression. The crown is made in a dental lab based on the impression taken by the dentist. The dentist will cover your tooth with a temporary crown initially
  • A permanent crown is fixed on the teeth in the second session. The temporary crown is replaced with a permanent crown. Local anesthesia is used during the procedure. The patient can go home after the crown is placed on the teeth

How Long Do Dental Crowns Last

How long a dental crown will last depends on several factors.

  • Grinding and clenching the teeth reduces the lifespan of a crown
  • The dental crown will last longer if you follow good dental hygiene and have good eating habits, but if you have poor dental hygiene and poor eating habits, the crown can become damaged
  • If the crown is placed in the teeth in a good way, it will last a lifetime, but if it is not fixed properly it may develop cracks, and the crown can break 

Dental crowns are the best solutions for restoring a damaged tooth. They improve the look and aesthetics of your teeth. It is important to care for a crown so that it doesn’t become damaged and lasts long. If you or someone in your family needs a dental crown, you can make an appointment with us.

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